You dont have to be a large church to benefit from entering into the digital age. In fact, there are many churches from 20 to 150 members that could be growing by simply showing the surounding comunity more about who they are. Word of mouth is not only not enough, it can also be dangerious to your visual profile. In my 31 years as a Christian, I have seen many ministers who were gifted and well trained, but the lack of proper exposure held them back from reaching their Ministry objectives in a timely manner. Let me show you how to use digital media as one of the keys to a sucessful Ministry.

A few years ago, Upon This Rock Productions was created to better showcase the Church that Jesus promised to build through media ministry, tutoring, and profile enhancement. Small ministries dont become big ministries without comunicating their calling and vision in an effective manner, and it doesnt allways take a lot of money to do that. Most of the time it just takes a little know how, and encouragement. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can help you to better fufill your calling, and bring Gory to the Kingdom of God, by puting your light on a lampstand called the internet.
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